The Genesis of Windego

Where it All Started

The obvious first step of writing speculative fiction is to establish a world. In essence this provides a set of rules in which the characters have to act within. Within this framework the writer is able to explore curtain aspects of human condition in something akin to laboratory experiment. For me, this is what makes the genre so interesting. From fantasy, through scifi and on to mystical reality, we get to see characters respond to the “what if” the writer has imagined.

In 2014 I started working on a concept where the modern world loses all of our high technology. My interest wasn't in the gruesome spectacle of civilization's downfall, but how this ultimate tragedy would bring out the best in some people. As I researched and began to write the first novel, it became obvious that it was a story that could easily span at least six and perhaps even up to ten books. I had my cast of characters, I had my world and I had the catalyst for this grand experiment, but did it have legs that would last a decade-log writing run?

I found a way to answer this question through one of my favorite writers- Kevin Hearne. I found that he would break his characters out to be used in short fiction. This gave me the idea to step ten years into the future of my story and see if I could write something that would occur in the middle of the overall tale.

What began as an experiment, became a labor of love and the result is “Windego” and what will be a trilogy of novellas.

The Darkness

It has long been theorized that following a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME), where the Sun can release a billion tons of plasma into space at incredible speeds, the result on Earth could be an Electromagnetic Pulse. The EMP could knock out electronic equipment such as modern cars, computers, mobile phones and little things like power grids. “The Darkness” takes it a step or two further than the theory. In a solar storm, the likes of which history has never recorded, everything that runs of electricity, circuits, batteries and even just has wires, is disabled. In an instant, man loses over two hundred years of technology. After “The Darkness” man goes from the Digital Age to the Age of Sail.