The Setting
Many people don't realize that the state of Michigan is separated into two parts by the water of the Great Lakes. While most would recognize the familiar “mitten” shaped of the lower peninsula, some don't associate the 16,377 square miles of the Upper Peninsula as being a part of the state. Yet, it is a place a tremendous natural beauty. With Lake Michigan to the south and Lake Superior to the North it is connected to the lower peninsula by only the five mile span of the Mackinac Bridge.

In “Windego” it has been ten years since “The Darkness” fell and a new nation has sprung up from the survivors originally from the Houghton, Michigan area of the Upper Peninsula.

All the locations in the story are real. You can even swim on the beach where the boys come ashore in the beginning of the story or stay in one of the cabins mentioned in the story. In fact, I have stayed in Cabin #5 myself a couple of times.

Of course, that was before I started imaging windegos running through those forests. Maybe sometime I will tell you about how well I slept the last time I stayed up there...
Michigan's Upper Peninsula
And where Avilion is in the story

Photos from the Marquette Area

The Beach at Little Presque Isle State Forest
Little Presque Isle State Forest
Getting to Cabin #5
A view from Cabin #5
Cabin #5
Along the trail
Atop the granite formations
Presque Isle Power Plant