Can we expect more books with the brothers in them?

Indeed you can! Currently I am planning to release three novellas (I am currently working on the second one) detailing the adventures of the boys as they uncover the true threat of the Windegos and work to keep it from sweeping over their homeland. Following the novellas, I am going to be going back the beginning and telling the story of how Avilion came into being following the fall of the Darkness in a series of novels. But, while I am doing that… don’t discount the possibility of some other short works centering around the Jimmy, Cameron and Declan. Something tells me that they won’t patiently wait in the background while I write about them growing up.

You’ve said that Windego takes place in the middle of your planned series, why start in the middle?

Firstly, thank you for not asking if I was trying to be like George Lucas and beginning Star Wars with Episode IV. Windego began as an experiment to test if the overall concept had the legs to work across the time-line which begins with the Darkness in the first novel. See, when it comes to writing, I am not an outliner. I don’t really plan things out in advance. My method, if one can call it that, is perhaps best described by something William Faulkner once said, “It begins with a character, usually, and once he stands up on his feet and begins to move, all I can do is trot along behind him with a paper and pencil trying to keep up long enough to put down what he says and does.” So, the genesis behind Windigo was really starting at the starting point of the first novel, where the Darkness actually happens, and peers ten years into the future. My original goal was to see if the overall story had the legs to stand up to the riggers of a whole series of books. I picked a point in the middle and started writing to see if it would work. Somewhere along the way I found the story to be something I had to write. Hopefully, you will be glad I did.

How accurate are the locations in your story?

I worked hard to make sure the story followed the terrain as it is down to measurements of distances to the closest yard/meter. I have walked most of the areas in the story and have striven to make them accurate enough that you could retrace the brothers’ steps. That is except for the interior of the Presque Isle Power Plant. While I could have gotten in touch with the management at the power plant and probably have gotten details or even a tour, I felt that in today’s world it wasn’t the best course of action. I am not one who believes that providing details for critical infrastructure is a good idea, no matter how innocuous it might seem. Because of that I studied a number of coal fired plants and created a composite to be the interior in the story.

Who did Windgo’s cover art?

All blame for the cover art is mine, unless you like it then the credit is mine. I created the cover by composting photographs I took with 3d models produced in Daz 3d Studio and put together in Adobe Photoshop. While I am talking about the cover, I want to thank PHLEARN and the many- many Photoshop tutorials I watched to help me figure out how create some of the aspects of the cover.

Who did your website?

That would be the same answer as above.

Why are the weapons the characters on the cover of Windego aren’t using the weapons in the book?

I completely understand this would be a concern of those who know their firearms, but the reason for the discrepancy is actually a financial one. The 3d models on the cover are the best commercially available ones that I could afford. So, while the pistols, rifles and even the ax are not the same as from the book it was the closest achievable. I would add that optics on Jimmy’s rifle (far right) is actually powered, something that wouldn’t be possible in this world, but it is the closest I could come. Hopefully, it still looks cool.